MKLM Board Meeting

Getting back home…

I arrived at JFK airport at 4:50 AM and because of traffic I didn’t get to Grand Central Station till 8:00 AM. I went over to the Maryknoll house to say hello to the guys there and then caught the MetroNorth train to Ossining at 0943. I always look for a carriage like this one which has a place for luggage where I can see it while we are moving from station to station.

My first stop when I got to Maryknoll was the Regina Coeli residence where the board members are staying this trip. The rooms are simple, without a bath.

After finding my room, I headed over to the Walsh Building which is the headquarters of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. Along the way I saw these workmen repairing a wall around the yard of Regina Coeli that had collapsed.

I worked at the Walsh Building for a while because I was the only board member present this far in advance of the start of the meeting tomorrow evening.

Then I walked over to the seminary building to set up some meetings for tomorrow. It was a beautiful spring day but it looked like late autumn because the trees are without leaves and haven’t started budding yet.