Maryknoll Thanksgiving 2019

Every year Thanksgiving is another working day in Cambodia but in the even after work, Maryknoll Cambodia gets together for Thanksgiving dinner.

Lay missioner Kylene Fremling, one of the first to arrive at the Maryknoll office, prepares some hors d’oeuvres.
Susan (L), a Maryknoll Sister who is visiting from East Timor, met Clara from Bangladesh. Clara is a Methodist missionary who joins us for most of our Wednesday liturgies and dinner.
Tonight there was no rush and pre-dinner discussion went on for about an hour.
Then before we ate, we had a short prayer service in which we expressed thankfulness for different persons and events in our lives.
Finall it was time to eat and Sr Mary Little (L), Maria Montello, and Bro. Brian Kinsella started sampling the various dishes our members had prepared for the evening.
There were just about twenty of us tonight, the regular Maryknoll Cambodia mission team and the small group who come to pray with us every Wednesday.
It takes a bit of coordination, arranging the different dishes people will bring, insuring there is a setup crew, etc., but these holiday dinners together are really special.
The dessert table had a multitude of selections–all of them delicious–to satisfy everyone’s tastes and diet.