Maryknoll in Hua Hin #8

Monday Evening — 13 January 2020

This evening we had the special meal that always marks the end of our stay at the Salesian Retreat Center and then we had our “talent” show. Both are enjoyable events.

At the end of the special meal, Bro. Tim Raible (L) gave a sincere thank-you and a little gift to the kitchen and housekeeping staff of the center. Steve Chinnavaso translated.
Then we moved into the meeting room where Maria Montello and Steve Chinnavaso started off the evening with a Beatles song.
The next act was Mike Sloboda’s standup comedy routine.
The Rosalava, Julia, and Susan led a folk dance, inviting anyone to join in.
Next up was Joe “Johnny Cash” Thaler with his rendition of A Boy Named Sue.
Then Maria Montello and James Havey belted out Great Balls of Fire.
In a special turn of events, two sisters from Winnipeg, here with the sisters of Our Lady of the Mission, gave us a song about the preacher and the bear.
The whole group at the talent show. Our numbers are about one third of what we had at our peak in the past.
Then James Havey, a real singer, presented a song from the musical “Wicked.”
Sr Helen Graham continued Fr. Bob Wynne’s tradition of corny jokes, complete with a photo of Bob to make his presence more real.
For the finale, all joined in with singing, clapping, and balloons.