Maryknoll in Hua Hin: #4

Today was the third day of the retreat focusing on Teilhard de Chardin.

The breakfast crowd.
As part of her morning presentation, Sr. Kathleen had the group
moving to the Energy of the Universe.
At the morning break we took a group photo of the 2020 participants.
Sr. Kathleen gave a card to each person with an idea from de Chardin to encourage reflection. Rosalva explains what is on her card.
Simone works on a poster showing her and Jonathon’s ministry for a presentation on Monday.
Sr. Kathleen discusses the Sunday liturgy with Kevin Conroy who will be the presider that day.
Fr. Bill McIntire was the presider for today’s liturgy. Helen Graham gave a reflection on the scripture readings
In the evening everyone gathers in the breezeway before supper.
Supper time.
After supper the group from China prepared to leave to head to Wuhan.
Sr. Mary takes the new elevator up to her floor.