Maryknoll in Hua Hin #10

17 January 2020

I had a biopsy done the day I arrived in Bangkok 10 days ago and today I had to go back to get the results. Then I headed for the airport and Phnom Penh.

BNH Hospital is just a five-minute walk around the corner from the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
Inside I found another Maryknoller signing all the release forms as I had to do.
Leaving BNH, I passed this little mobile market serving all the people who live on the little sois (side streets) off Convent Road where the hospital is located.
Closer to BCGH is this Chinese temple set in a little pocket of land by the door of a large department store.
Finally, after eating my last Subway meal for this trip, it was time to leave Bangkok Christian Guest House which is an excellent place to stay.
Near the check-in counters at the airport, a crew was erecting a floral display surrounding “a reliquary urn of the Lord Buddha.”
I arrived at the airport at 2:00 PM but my flight wasn’t until 9:30 PM so I was really glad I was flying Bangkok Airways. They provide a lounge with drinks and snacks even for economy passengers and I set up my laptop and got to work. It was extraordinarily busy in the afternoon. Usually there are just five or ten people there.

At 10:30 PM, I was back in Phnom Penh. At 11:15 I was home.

The End