Maryknoll Bangkok Meetings–4

Today was the last day of our meetings. We had a session in the morning and then people departed for Hong Kong, Singapore, northern Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cambodia.

We finished the last tasks on the agenda and then started making various plans and arrangements for future meetings and activities.
Gathered in the lobby, waiting for a taxi for Joe McCabe, were (L-R) John Beeching, Francis Leong, Tim Raible, and Larry Radice.
The taxi was late so we had time for another group picture (L-R): Francis Leong, John Beeching, Tim Raible, Larry Radice, Joe Thaler, Joe McCabe, Charlie Dittmeier. Bill McIntire had to leave for Bangladesh earlier.
I ate lunch and then took the Airport Train to the airport and the Bangkok Airways lounge for economy passengers. This was my work station for four hours.
The Star Alliance used to be my choice for flights before United started cutting all the perks and then even the basics.
Climbing out of Bangkok at dusk on an Airbus 320.
An hour later I was back in the Kingdom of Wonder where the drivers straddle the lane markers.