Bangkok Meeting: Day 4

Today was a travel day, from Bangkok back to Phnom Penh for me.  I got up at 3:40 AM to get a taxi to the old Don Muaeng Airport for a 6:30 AM flight.  But here are a final few scenes from Bangkok.

Just down the street from the Bangkok Christian Guest House is this small Chinese shrine tucked into a little corner. The photo emphasizes the mass of overhead wires which one tends to ignore when walking along.
The new Thai king has been named but has not yet been crowned. It seems he will wait till the end of a year of mourning for that. His pictures are starting to appear now, however.
Once the meetings were over the guys went in different directions, some to pick up items they cannot get in their mission countries, some to doctor appointments, etc.    Maryknoll Brothers John Beeching (L) and Tim Raible took a few minutes for a chat in the guest house lobby.
And then it was back to Phnom Penh. In Bangkok the streets are jammed with people and motorcycles weaving in and out of the crowd on the sidewalks.   Here in Phnom Penh the family businessed take over the sidewalks.

The End