Bangkok Meeting: Day 3

Today was the second of two days of meetings in Bangkok of the Asia South pastoral group.  A good portion of the morning was devoted to a report on recent Asia-area meetings by Gerry Hammond, the assistant Asia regional superior, filling in for Brian Barrons.  We moved rather effectively this morning and finished up the formal part of the program by 1:00 PM and then had the rest of the afternoon off.

Some of our group at breakfast in the dining room of the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
Gerry Hammond (Korea), John Beeching (Thailand), Tom Dunleavy (Thailand), Kevin Conroy (Cambodia), Tim Raible (Thailand), and Joe Thaler (Nepal) during the morning session.
Jim Kofski (Myanmar), Bob Wynne (Cambodia), Bill McIntire (Bangladesh), Gerry Hammond (Korea), and John Beeching (Thailand) at the other end of the table.
I ate lunch at Subway, up the street from our guest house. This rat and four or more of his brothers and sisters or children live in the tree roots of a tree struggling in the concrete of Bangkok’s streets. I’ve never seen domesticated rats before. They were totally unafraid of people just a foot or two from them.
My special-treat eatery in Bangkok, a Subway shop. It’s really nice just because it’s a tasty change from rice and noodles.
Bangkok must be the world capital for 7-11 stores. This building seems to be a headquarters and there are 7-11s everywhere. I passed four in one block as I walked to Subway, two on one side of the street on the corners of the block, and one on the other side of the street in the middle of the block. And then there was another where this street made a T-intersection with the busy cross street. Four shops within 600 feet of each other–and all booming with business.
After eating, I made my way to Panthip Plaza, the big computer mall where I bought a bluetooth speaker and two extension cables in this little shop.

This evening I ate at Subway again and then went back to the guest house to update this website, catch up on some e-mail, and then get to bed early because I have to get up at 3:45 AM to get to the airport.