Bangkok Meeting: Day 1

Today the members of Maryknoll’s South Asia region made the trek to Bangkok from a variety of countries.  The meeting is being held at the Bangkok Christian Guest House, described accurately as an “Oasis in the Heart of Bangkok.”

Here are some pictures from my trip to Bangkok:

Still in Cambodia, at 6:15 AM in the morning, on the way to the airport, I passed one of Phnom Penh’s many mobile coffee bars pulling up onto the sidewalk to set up for a day’s business.
Encountering Phnom Penh’s traffic prior to engaging the infamous traffic of Bangkok. The girl in the peach-colored sweatshirt is on the edge of the road. Everyone beyond her and to her right is on the sidewalk and in a gas station waiting for the light to change so they can zoom ahead of those waiting in the lanes on the street.
I took an airport bus from Don Muaeng Airport (the old one) to Victory Monument, a transportation hub. Since I had time I was trying to figure out which local bus would go to the Bangkok Christian Guest House. An elderly man (circled) saw me perusing the route board and helped me, even leading me to the other side of the circle before he descended to be on his way.
I went out to eat at supper time and went to Subway, a real treat for me when I’m in this area of Bangkok. As I was returning, night was falling and the street food stalls were seeing their business pick up.