Maryknoll Bangkok Meeting–3

Today we finished up most of the prepared agenda and then in the afternoon went to the Maryknoll office in Bangkok to celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday two weeks early.

Joe McCabe (red shirt), the Asia Regional Superior, met with each of us individually over the last twenty-four hours and then this morning we finished up most of the prepared agenda.
After a short afternoon session, we met in the lobby of the Bangkok Christian Guest House to head to the Maryknoll office in Bangkok.
We took two taxis to the Bangkok office and that proved to be quite a chore because of the traffic and because drivers don’t want to pick up foreigners because of the communications problems that are possible.
At the Bangkok office we got a chance to meet Mr. Sakhorn, Maryknoll’s office manager here for more than thirty years. A good man!
After everyone arrived, we had a liturgy together up in the library. Bill McIntire (L) read the first scripture reading.
After the liturgy we prayed again in the kitchen as we prepared to eat a Thanksgiving dinner prepared by a local fast food restaurant who learned that the Maryknollers are from the United States.
The meal we had was amazingly good, maybe the best Thanksgiving dinner I can remember–and it was prepared by a Cuban-Canadian at Sunrise Tacos!
Coming home, it was again difficult to get a taxi in the area of the Maryknoll office so Francis Leong (L), Larry Radice, and Charlie Dittmeier took a pick-up truck song tau to the SkyTrain station and then took the train to the guesthouse. Here are Francis and Larry after getting off the SkyTrain.