Malaysian Visitors / Sunday

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Our deaf visitors from Malaysia arrived Thursday night and visited DDP on Friday and Saturday.  Today, Sunday, they had a mixed itinerary.

After mass–and coffee and doughnuts–with the English-speaking community, Renik, Geraldine, Melina, and Sovanarro looked around the grounds of St. Joseph Church.
Next on the itinerary was a visit to the Missionaries of Charity’s Home of Love for orphans. The Malaysian group had met the sisters in the morning at St. Joseph Church and were invited to come and visit. L-R: Renik, Sovanarro, Geraldine, Sr. Lumina, Sr. Annunciata, and Melina.
Then it was on to the Russian Market to get gifts for the people back home. Here Geraldine (R) looks at a scarf held by the husband of the proprietor of the shop who is looking for other colors to show her.
The proprietor’s main attention was with Melina who was comparing different styles and different colors for her gifts. Husband Renik stepped back and stayed out of the way.
Then it was back into the tuk-tuk driven by Sovanarro to drop Charlie at the Maryknoll office and then take the Malaysian group back to their hotel for a little rest and some packing before taking a night bus to Siem Reap.