Lunar New Year 2017 (Day 2)

Today was the second day of the new year and again there wasn’t much to see.  Some families were visiting but most people probably just enjoyed their closed shops and sat at home and chatted and played games or watched TV behind the shuttered doors.   Here are some scenes from today.

This dentist’s motorcycle is in his waiting room so he’s home but the shop is closed.
This restaurant is closed and the flowers at the door explain why.
A telephone shop shuttered and locked for the holidays.
These two shops went all out with the decorations but they are closed for the duration.
An auto car wash shop, also closed.
A series of little school supply shops along Street 51 are always open–but not today. No flowers; the owners are gone.
This man is Chinese enough to decorate his shop but he has also kept it open, part of the minority.