Lunar New Year 2017 (More Preparations)

The Lunar New Year celebration started today with the family reunion dinner in the evening, and preceding it, there was a last-minute flurry of activity as people purchased the essentials for a proper celebration, picked up the forgotten items, and–oh, did the required praying.

Purchasing a burner for the spirit offerings the family will make for their ancestors.
A family burning paper money and other paper images of things their ancestors might need in the afterlife.
The proprietor of a store burning ancestor offerings to keep their spirits happy.
A foreigner, maybe a tourist, maybe a resident working for an NGO, has a morning cup of coffee and checks her e-mail. Tomorrow this shop and others like it will mostly be closed.
Roast pig is a traditional new year delicacy, and this pop-up stall has them.
This roasted pig stall draws a good crowd.
How do you get a roasted pig home? This woman straps it on her motorcycle.
The more affluent strap the pig on top of their Lexus.