Lockdown Day 18

Our two-week lockdown was supposed to end April 28th but has been extended to May 5th and will probably go beyond that. We can go out to buy food and I made a trip to a nearby convenience store.

Our street is blocked at the corner, probably because we are an Orange Zone (moderate infections) and people are not supposed to enter the zone although obviously they do.
I went to a Lucky Express, a small neighborhood branch of the big Lucky Supermarkets.
All non-essential businesses are supposed to be closed. Most are but not all.
For people used to going to the market and cooking their own food each day, this family has set up a mini-market for vegetables in front of their shop.
And this family offers take-away cooked food–and drinks, of course. Restaurants can open but only for take-away orders.
And then there’s this woman with her mobile market with a variety of fruits and vegetables.