Lay Missioner Gathering

Lay Missioners from a variety of mission-sending groups from nine or ten countries schedule a gathering almost every month, partly to take care of common concerns and business and partly as a support group for people who are far away from their home countries, families, and friends.  In December the group met at the church-owned house on the Mekong River where the previous bishop retired and lived until he died last year.

The Mekong River is strong and wide at this point near Phnom Penh and always provides interesting vistas.


While some watched the river, Lieke (Belgium) and Cristina (Italy) set up a table for snacks that each of us brought.
Usually we have some input first and then enjoy the snacks later but today we started with the goodies.
Then Cristina, the leader for the day, introduced a reflection based on Advent after we gathered in the small chapel. Miyuki (Japan) listened.
Then there was time for personal reflection anywhere on the grounds.
The grounds of the house are quite nice, perhaps overgrown a bit…
…but overgrown mostly with a variety of flowers, many of them in full bloom today.
Three of the lay missioners spent their reflection time on the large porch overlooking the Mekong.
Finally it was time to head back to Phnom Penh with a group photo first.