LaValla Village

The LaValla School opened in 1998 as the only government-approved school offering a full primary education for children with disabilities. It has been an exemplary resource for children with physical disabilities and now it has expanded. On 21 November 2019 LaValla Village was opened as a residential facility for students with longer-term needs.

The opening ceremony started with a blessing dance–as all ceremonies do in Cambodia. Note the girl on the right has a prosthetic. In any other program she would never be able to dance like this, every Cambodian girl’s dream
Here the president of the Marist Brothers speaks to students and guests. With him on the stage are the Japanese Ambassador, government officials, Buddhist monks, and local police officials.
There was ribbon cutting ceremony with the dignitaries gathered around. Facing the camera in the black suit is H.E. Makara, the director of the Disability Action Council, who was visibly moved by what he saw.
After the formal ceremony, Maryknoll Sr. Regina Pellicore, who is on the board of the LaValla School, spoke with students.
Dignitaries from the Marist Brothers and government posed with the Japanese Ambassador at this Information Technology training center which was funded by Japan.
This is a typical dorm room at LaValla Village. Eight girls live in this room.