Today a new clinic set up by the Korean Mission Society was blessed. (More on that later.) A mass was held first and then a lunch after the blessings, and for these a tent was set up outside for about 100 persons. It’s a good chance to illustrate the use of tents for social events in Cambodia.

The tent set up outside the entrance of the just-finished clinic building.

Inside the tent: notice the air conditioning units spaced throughout the enclosure. The altar is on a two-step raised platform covered with red carpeting.
After the mass, while the bishop was blessing the clinic, the tent was reconfigured for lunch for all the guests.
A view from the back of the tent, showing some of the air conditioners. The city electrical supply is not adequate for such a big load so the tent company brought its own generator to power the air conditioning units.

Part of most tent set ups for weddings, funerals, and other events is a kitchen where food is prepared for the meal that is served. This smaller cooking tent was set up at the end of the clinic building.