Kimhorn’s Weddiing

Today Kimhorn, a former student at DDP and now one of our staff, was married to Sophors, and I was invited. It was a smaller wedding than in the past because of Covid-19. Now instead of a small ceremony with the Buddhist monks in the morning and a larger reception in the evening, there was just one gathering at noon. Kimhorn is a delightful young woman and it was an enjoyable occasion.

I had our Sunday morning mass and then went to the wedding held at the bride’s home and family business. Notice Kimhorn’s dress. She changed her dress four times in the hour and a half I was there. That is one of the customs for Cambodian weddings.
While we were eating, members of the bride’s and groom’s families prepared a huge table of fruit as part of the ceremony.
This is the table where I sat with other staff members from the Deaf Development Programme—a delightful group.
As we ate Kimhorn and Sophors–now with different outfits–visited each of the tables of guests.
Later the bride and groom had to circle the table of fruit three times and offer some to each other, and then the guests were invited to take some fruit.