Khmer New Year’s Eve

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year and Phnom Penh today was frenetic with last-minute activity–for the people who are still here and haven’t gone to their “homeland” in the provinces.

Many people headed out of town two or three days ago but this group was piling everything into a van this morning to head off to one of the provinces.
This university was closed but they had their flags out like good Cambodians.
This hardware store is one of the businesses still open today and the owner was out sweeping the sidewalk, an obligatory ritual even on a holiday.
Out bright and early were these vendors who make a house decoration that almost everyone buys. It’s just not the new year without one of these in your home. It’s a banana leaf stalk stuck into a thick cross section of banana tree trunk.
This woman shops from her Lexus to get her new year watermelons.
More of the banana leaf decorations, in various sizes.