It’s a door, but….

Cambodians are enamored of heavy wooden doors with designs and images carved into them. They put a lot of work and money into them. But the results are not always so great. Many, many doors do not fit well in their frames. Notice all three of these doors have a significant gap at the top.
These doors all have cracks in them, gaps between the carved panels and the wooden frames of the door itself. The door in the middle photo has cracks in both the top and bottom panels. Probably this is the result of using wooden that hasn’t been proper dried or cured.
Notice on the double doors on the right the gap at the top and also the gap between the doors at the bottom. The door on the left is my bathroom door. I am holding it closed so you can see how large the gap is. The bolt does not touch the latch plate so the door cannot stay closed by itself.