Hua Hin — Day 9

Today was really the final day!  By 7:00 AM all the keys were left in the door, we had eaten a quick breakfast, and the taxi and van were ready to start us on our journeys to our home countries.

Hopefully each of the Maryknollers remembered to leave his or her key in the door as we departed from the retreat center in Hua Hin.
The final four grabbed something to eat before the taxi and the van headed north.
Three and a half hours later we were in the check-in line at the Bangkok Airways counters in the Bangkok airport.
Bangkok Airways is the only airline I know of that provides a lounge for economy passengers. We arrived 3+ hours early so it was great to have a place to sit and have some snacks and wi-fi while we were waiting.
Heading down the jetway to the A320 aircraft to Phnom Penh.
And then it was back to the reality of travel in Phnom Penh.

The End