Hua Hin — Day 8

This year the schedule for our gathering in Thailand had some lack of clarity, and the problem was compounded by the speaker’s needing to leave a day early.  All that resulted in today being a free day.  Tomorrow was supposed to be the main travel day but because today was free three-fourths of our members left today, and only those who couldn’t change tickets stayed till tomorrow.

The vans back to Bangkok were leaving at 7:00 AM and while waiting, Steve Chinnavaso chatted with Sr. Nora Malawin.
Finally vans arrived, three in a convoy led by a local man on a motorcycle who brought them to the retreat center inside the Salesian school compound.  This first van went straight to the airport.
The second and third vans went to the Bangkok Christian Guest House and to the Maryknoll office in Bangkok.
By 7:15 AM the retreat center grounds were much quieter.
Only eight persons stayed the final day for a Tuesday departure.
Rodrigo Ulloa was one of those who stayed the extra day.
Charlie Dittmeier made a trip to the beach, on the other side of the road from the retreat center, just to say he’d seen the water this trip!
After dinner Charlie made another trip to the night market two blocks away and bought another washcloth and three-dollar watch.
For the adventurous tourists, this stall sells a variety of edible insects–mostly different types of crickets but also some worms and maggots.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bob Wynne takes advantage of the quiet and of the cool night to catch up on reading.