Hua Hin — Day 6

Meditation during morning prayer.
Fr. Joe Thaler giving a report on his work in Nepal during the first part of our meetings when each country reported on its political and ministry situation.
Dee Dungy and Sami Scott listening to the country reports.
Regina Pellicore–on her way back to Cambodia after seven years in New York–talks with Roberto Rodriguez and Mike Sloboda during the break.
Arlene Sale, Tim Raible, and Serge Augustin give the Thailand country report.
After the country reports, each of the “charism” (or branches) of Maryknoll gave a report. Sami Scott spoke for the Maryknoll Lay Missioners.
Sami Scott is leaving Cambodia in mid year to work with Maryknoll Lay Missioners in a new site in Haiti, and today the MMG group said a formal farewell and Charlie Dittmeier presented a farewell gift.
Fr. Bob Wynne (R) is also returning to the U.S. later this year and he was given a shirt and a welcome back to Maryknoll, New York by Fr. Ray Finch, the superior general of the Maryknoll priests and brothers.
In the afternoon we had a reflection on our Hua Hin gatherings, discussing what is their value and should they be continued.
Four members of the Philippines Catholic Lay Mission group work with us in Southeast Asia and they met in their own group.
This evening we had our annual talent show and Maria Montello, Steve Chinnavaso, and James Havey joined together for one song.
The finale was a series of songs from the Sound of Music. In this number, the Philippines Catholic Lay Mission group portrayed the sisters in Maria Van Trapp’s convent.