Hua Hin — Day 5

We had an unplanned free day today.  Our conference on liturgy was scheduled for four days but the main presenter became ill and could not come, and his substitute had to leave this morning for another engagement.  Of course we accepted the day off in good spirits and everyone managed beautifully!

Bob Wynne will not be here next year to make the coffee each morning so he arranged a knowledge transfer with the next generation, Ann Sherman.
At 7:45 AM, Fr. Ricky Manalo (gray shirt) and Al Nagao (black shirt) got into a taxi for a ride to the Bangkok airport after the liturgy work was finished.
The Myanmar group was responsible for the liturgy today and Emily Valdez (L) and Fr. Kevin Conroy led the celebration of the eucharist.
After each liturgy there is a Hua Hin “shoe dance” as each person faces the wall and tries to slide into his or her sandals.
The mass was the only official group function for the today and afterwards everyone was on her own. Here Sami Scott accompanies Russ Brine back to the hospital for a blood test after he managed to contract dengue fever while here.
In another area, a group of Filipinas met with Steve Chinnavaso.
Upon his return, Russ met with another group in the breezeway connecting the two residential wings.
Every year the Maryknoll Lay Missioners group goes out to dinner together to welcome new members and this year we welcomed Kylene Fremling (left rear) now in Asia less than a week.
An unplanned gathering occurred tonight after an e-mail from Maryknoll, New York asking all the project heads to participate in a training seminar on the web about a new project reporting system going into effect next month.