Hua Hin 2019 / January 15

Today was a travel day. Everyone left the retreat house in Hua Hin and then a bunch of the Cambodia group went to the airport and on back to Phnom Penh.

In previous years, the kitchen crew got up early and prepared breakfast for us before we left at 6:30 AM but this year they just prepared a bag breakfast for us to take with us.
It was still rather dark when the group started coming down with their luggage to meet the vans taking them to the airport, the Maryknoll office, and the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
Three and a half hours later, the Cambodia group was at the airport in Bangkok and Ted Miles and Joe Bruener got together a tip for the driver while Mike Sloboda watched.
Once threw security and on the airside of the terminal, the group changed SIM cards and traded phone numbers for contacting in Cambodia.
In Phnom Penh the mode of transportation changed from an A320 to a tuk-tuk, the one used regularly by Russ Brine (L). For Ted Miles and Leslie Lopez this was their ride in a tuk-tuk.
There wasn’t room in their tuk-tuk for me and I wanted to go from the airport
to the deaf office so I got my own. I left after the group
but then they came up behind me and passed me!
With the vagaries of traffic, I passed them a little later and took this shot.