Hua Hin 2019 / January 12

Today was the fifth and final day of our retreat.

The food has been especially good–and varied–this year. At every meal there are multiple choices offered.
After morning and evening prayers and after the daily liturgy, there is always a version of the “shoe shuffle” as everyone reclaims his or her shoes from outside the chapel door.
Maryknollers from different countries fill in information sheets about the circumstances, people, and the situations in their mission countries in preparation for discussions on Sunday and Monday.
This morning Sr. Len Montiel appeared at the Salesian Retreat House. She had to delay here arrival in Hua Hin to help one of the sisters in Phnom Penh.
Larry Lewis made his final presentations this morning and ended with a quotation from the book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Scriptures.
At the end of the retreat, the service team which organized everything this week gave an expression of thanks to Larry and presented him with a little gift.
Larry Radice (R) attended the international conference on climate change in Poland last week and brought back a solar cooker. Today while we were listening to Larry Lewis’ ideas on waiting spirituality, Larry Radice cooked some rice outside of the meeting room.
Today’s liturgy had a special focus on our members celebrating jubilees in their lives with Maryknoll. Kevin Conroy recognized Sr. Len Montiel for her 25 years of service in mission.
Br. Joe Bruener from Hong Kong also celebrated his 25th anniversary today.
The liturgy today was especially festive
and ended with a round of dancing to the lively final song.
This evening the Maryknoll Lay Missioners group went out to supper together with our visiting executive director, Ted Miles (R). Taking the photo was our visiting development director, Leslie Lopez.