Hua Hin Retreat (12 January)

Meeting Day

Today was the second day of meetings and the last day of our gathering for all except the sisters.  We split up into groups according to our “charisms,” in Maryknoll jargon, meaning basically that the priests and brothers met together, the sisters together, and the lay missioners together.  We try to operate in a collaborative way in Maryknoll Asia South but we also need to take care of some business particular to each of the groups which are all incorporated separately.

The Maryknoll Sisters meeting in the main meeting room.
The Maryknoll Lay Missioners meeting in the TV room.  (I was in the meeting with the priests and brothers and forgot to take a picture!)

Bob Wynne and Marj Humphrey at liturgy.
Steve Chinnavaso is a mainstay of our liturgical music endeavors and works hard the whole time he’s here.
The retreat center chapel at our final liturgy.

Enjoying eating outdoors after the rains finally stopped.
From outside, looking at those eating inside.
Showing appreciation to the housekeeping and kitchen staff of the retreat center.