Hua Hin Retreat (11 January)

Meeting Day

In the morning, after breakfast, we had an exercise called Open Spaces where anyone who wanted could reserve a room and time to present about a topic. Four or five groups convened on issues such as LGBTQ descriptions; self-care for missioners; and planning for the different Maryknoll groups to work together in Asia in the future.

Then at 11:30 AM we had the daily liturgy which was special today as we congratulated three jubilarians and said a formal goodbye to three missioners who will not be with us the next time we meet.

Shaun Crumb was the presider at mass.  Arlene Sale assisted.
Missioners from Bangladesh (Bill McIntire), the Philippines (Nora Mawlawin), and Nepal (Joe Thaler) celebrating anniversaries.
Charlie Dittmeier saying a goodbye to Karen Bortvedt from Cambodia.

In the afternoon all the Maryknollers gathered for a business meeting.

Leadership from the priests and brothers, the sisters, and the lay missioners gave a general overview.
Discussing an agenda item about the retreat topic for 2018.