Hong Kong Trip — Tuesday

Today was the return trip from Hong Kong to Phnom Penh.  My flight was in mid-afternoon and there wasn’t much time to do anything special.  I did go to the new Maryknoll office on the 30th floor of a Lai Chi Kok office building to say goodbye to the staff there before heading to the airport.

Maryknoll in Hong Kong has been blessed with really fine staff all the years I’ve been associated with them. The old Stanley House had quite a few staff. Now their number is reduced to three in the new office.
A bonus while I was at the office was the appearance of Fr. Daniel Kim, one the two new-this-year Maryknoll priests. He has been assigned to the China region in Hong Kong.
From the office I took the airport bus to the airport, a 55-minute ride that cost about 30¢ with my senior citizen Octopus card used for transportation in Hong Kong.
Just as I came out of passport control, the young man in red approached me to take a survey about traveling to Hong Kong. The plans were abandoned, though, when he found out I was living in Cambodia which was not on his list of approved countries to interview. Humph!