Hong Kong Trip — Saturday A.M.

Today was an opportunity to show Sokly around Hong Kong, especially some places special to me. Here are some of the places we went and things we did before it was time to go to the 40th anniversary celebration for the Catholic Deaf group.

We started in the morning with a trip to Apliu Street where you can find all sorts of electronic parts and gadgets. I make a visit here on every trip to Hong Kong.
This is a shot on the MTR, Hong Kong’s subway system.
Above ground in Tsim Sha Tsui, we walked around the many things to see near the Star Ferry. Behind me here is a major building which wasn’t there during my time in Hong Kong.
Sokly is a fan of Bruce Lee so we visited his statue on the Path of Stars along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.
Then we took the Star Ferry across the harbor to Central on Hong Kong Island.
In Wanchai I took Sokly to the site of the old Canossa School for the Deaf which no longer exists. The school campus was enlarged and turned into a primary school for hearing children.
Then we walked farther along Queen’s Road East to the Hopewell Tower built into the side of a hill. On the way down we took this picture in a mirror wall above an escalator.

[To be continued, with more about the Saturday afternoon celebration.]