Hong Kong Trip — Friday

Today I spent a good deal of time at the new Maryknoll residence in the Lai Chi Kok area of Kowloon.  I was also able to meet some of the staff of Maryknoll Hong Kong.

This is the view of Tai Po from Keat Sokly’s fifth-floor room.
Breakfast was at a noodle shop in the Tai Po Market area, on the way to the MTR (the subway). Sokly comes here sometimes.
At the new Maryknoll house, Grace, from Nigeria, is in charge of maintaining the two apartments that form the new Maryknoll residence in Hong Kong.
Shirly (middle) came to the Maryknoll residence this afternoon and offered to take me to the office when I inquired about its location. Here are the three women who are the staff of the Maryknoll China office.
This was an exploratory trip and I learned how to take the #72 bus from Lai Chi Kok up the hill to Caldecott Road where the Maryknoll residence is located.
On one side the Maryknoll residence faces the city of Kowloon in the valley below. Condominiums sit on the hilltops on the other side of the building.