Graduation (Kampot Province) 2017

On Christmas Day we had graduation for our Education Project students in Phnom Penh.  On December 26th, we had graduation in Kampong Cham Province.  And on December 27th we had graduation in Kampot Province.  Kampot is only 90 miles from Phnom Penh but it takes 3 1/2 hours to drive each way so we drive about seven hours for a two-hour stay in the province.

As in Kampong Cham yesterday, the students in Kampot were also dutifully seated, respectfully waiting the VIPs from the ministry, an hour and a half before the scheduled starting time.
The power was off in the neighborhood when we arrived but it came back on in time to provide lights and fans for the ceremony.


A very pleasant official from the Provincial Department of Education handed out the certificates to the students.


With the advent of smart phones, everyone takes pictures now but I wasn’t prepared for the wall of cameras presented by the graduates taking pictures of their classmates.


Charlie Dittmeier gave a little presentation acknowledging the hard work of the students and the support of their parents.


All of the ministry officials and DDP staff posed for a photo.


Then it was time for some light snacks that DDP provided for all.


Afterwards, Ravy, from our Job Training Project, answered questions and concerns of parents about future training for their sons and daughters, especially if they had to go to Phnom Penh for training.


Our DDP staff (left) had an opportunity to speak with education ministry staff afterwards also. These are valuable opportunities to create understanding and bonds for cooperation.