Getting Vaccinated

A few days ago the Maryknoll Cambodia group got their first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine at a hospital in Cambodia. #CatholicCares

This was the first day of a total lockdown in Phnom Penh but we were able to get relatively easily to the hospital for our scheduled injections. We arrived early because we were worried about being stopped on the way because of the lockdown.
Quite a few international NGOs were scheduled for injections for their staffs but there wasn’t much seating–or even a waiting area–prepared for them.
We were the first group called and went to register at the first of four stations.
Then it was up the fourth floor and more waiting. Everything was done in a corridor rather than in a room or hall. Maybe that was for ventilation purposes since the corridor is open to the outside on both ends.
When it was her turn, each person went to the tables on the left and answered questions about allergies, etc., and then went immediately to the room on the right where a single staff gave the actual injection.
Then it was on to the final station where the man with the camera took a photo and filled out a vaccination card with each person’s name while the man on the right recorded the vaccination in the database.