Friday — 9 August 2019

Today, the wedding day, had rain in the morning and rain in the evening, but everyone managed the weather and the wedding was successfully accomplished.

The plan from the night before was for all the family group to go to breakfast together but when we started out, there was a significant rain coming down.
As the rain increased and we all got wetter, the plans were changed and we ended up in a McDonald’s that was much nearer.
By the time we ate the rain had stopped and the sky was beginning to clear. We paused outside the restaurant for a family photo.
I headed into the downtown area to look for some wrapping for a wedding gift. I ended up also buying a sandwich for the train trip tomorrow.
Then I walked to the Lancaster railway station to make a seat reservation for the train to London. I had hoped to get the 11:38 AM train but it was full so I switched to the 12:38 PM.
Finally it was 2:00 PM and time to head to the cathedral. Here our sister Martha, the groom’s mother, talks to John the cabbie, who was engaged to take some of us to the church.
I couldn’t take any photos during the wedding but afterwards the newly married couple joined their family and friends gathered outside the cathedral.
After more photos, all the wedding party and guests gathered for a reception and dinner.