Epiphany 2019

Every year Bishop Olivier hosts a gathering for all the pastoral workers of the Phnom Penh diocese: the brothers and sisters and priests and the heads of the various diocesan offices and agencies who provide services at the parish level and at the diocesan level. The gathering is always held on the Sunday closest to Epiphany and this year the gathering coincided with the actual date of Epiphany itself.

Bishop Olivier greetings pastoral workers before the event began.
Last month a type of traditional Cambodian dance was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural event to be preserved. Bishop Olivier has established a professional level theater in a rural province and these performers are trained in the newly recognized dance.
The hall at the diocesan pastoral center was full of the pastoral workers who had been invited this year.
After the dance, Bishop Olivier showed a video of various activities and events that took place in the diocese during 2018. The list was quite impressive.
Special attention was given to the diocesan center in Takeo Province. Here a group of participants from Takeo present a short skit.
The center in Takeo also has a social enterprise, employing people with disabilities, that makes a traditional coconut candy. The workers from Takeo gave each of those attending the gathering a bag of their candies.