DK Centre Mass

In the past we have used the DK Centre for special liturgies like Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. Then the center was called the Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Centre. Now it has been renamed the DK Centre and it has become available for our weekly Saturday evening liturgy at 5:00 PM.

This is the fourth-floor auditorium we are using. It is basically a large meeting hall and doesn’t look much like a church setting but it is large enough for our group, is on the right side of town, and is affordable. The table in the foreground we use for a laptop that projects pictures through our mass.
Here Fr. Kevin Conroy is preaching. He and Fr. Charlie are now alternating these Saturday night masses.
Pre-Covid, this hall could hold 300 chairs. Now with Covid restrictions, we are limited to 130 people, recently increased from 100 persons. We hope that soon we can increase the number again because people are starting to come in greater numbers to this mass.
In the back of the room is a control desk for a technician monitoring the audio mixer. You can see we have room to expand when we are able to move the chairs back to a normal spacing and utilize the rest of the space in the auditorium.