Deaf Day 2020

This year, because of COVID-19, our usual week-long celebration of International Deaf Week didn’t happen. But now that the infection rate in Cambodia has remained extremely low and the schools are reopening, we went ahead with a small-scale one day celebration, trying to take the necessary precautions.

Maybe the worst part of deafness is the isolation, being around people but not part of any group, even a family, because of the lack of a common language. That leads to deaf people REALLY wanting to get together so they can communicate.

This group didn’t have their masks on when I arrived but quickly put them back on after I took their picture.

Simple games are always part of the Deaf Day gatherings and are really enjoyed.
The DDP staff who organized and prepared the Deaf Day celebrations. They actually are smiling but you wouldn’t know it
One of the staff trying to keep the group socially distanced.
The drinks table was popular on a hot day.
And the volleyball is always popular. We were really fortunate to have this volleyball court as part of the property when we rented it.