DDP’s New Home

Moving Day: Unloading

Getting six truckloads of furniture and materials onto the trucks was a chore. Getting it off the trucks at the other end was another significant endeavor.

While some were loading the trucks at the old office, other staff were cleaning up the new offices where the furniture in transit would be placed.
Cleaning a downstairs area where the Sign Language Project
will have an open office arrangement.
And then the first truck arrived….
Most of the boxed materials ended up on the front porch.
Simply for lack of room the bigger pieces like the desks and filing cabinets ended up in the spacious yard of the new DDP office–and stayed there overnight.
In an odd turn of events, an inspection team from one of the ministries decided they wanted to come today to examine our facilities. Of course it was moving day and chaos, but Sokly welcomed them and answered their questions.
While waiting for the second round of trucks to arrive, the new office contingent took a break to eat ears of corn on the cob.
And then the trucks appear for the second time.
The stairway up to the second floor is difficult, even for normal up and down movement. Hauling stuff up the stairs was impossible so another system was improvised.
And finally the last truck made its last trip to the new office.
Before we left it was decided it was a good occasion for a group photo with all the workers.