DDP’s New Home

Moving Day: Loading Up

We gathered the staff and ten extra young deaf men as helpers at the old DDP office early this morning and loaded up the two trucks that hauled all our equipment and furniture to the new DDP site.

The ground floor, inside and out, was full of boxed materials
and furniture waiting for a truck ride.
We rented two trucks and drivers for the day.
Each ended up making three trips to the new office site.
A steady stream of boxes and furniture went out to the trucks.
Everyone got into the act. This truck was for boxed materials.
The stuff kept coming and coming…
Getting the last filing cabinet out of the downstairs storage area.
Some of the smaller, lighter stuff was saved till the end,
to fill odd-sized empty spaces between desks and boxes.
This is the truck for desk and filing cabinets and other big stuff. The crew is celebrating finishing loading it for the third time.