DDP’s New Home

Packing up the old office

At the DDP office in Boeung Trabek, we had a double five-story building and we had accumulated lots of materials and “stuff” over the years we were there. On this Wednesday the task was to get everything into boxes and down to the ground floor, and with the help of a crew of ten young deaf men, we managed to do that.

The Finance Office was a big chore because they need to preserve years of records and receipts which all had to be boxed up.
Once most other areas were readied, a crew came into the Directors’ Office to help them prepare for the move.
Then it was a matter of just carrying all the boxes down several flights of stairs.
Downstairs in the reception area our IT man was disconnecting a lot of ethernet cable which kept all the office connected to each other and to the Internet.
As we emptied floor after floor, it became a problem where to store all the boxes and stuff overnight until we the moving trucks came in the morning.
Finally most of the work was done and it was time for a group photo before the crews went home to clean up and rest up before their return the next morning.