Deaf Youth Camp: Sunday

Today was the final day for the camp.  We had activities in the morning, took the group photo, and then loaded up the bus and van for the return trip to Phnom Penh.  It was a long, tiring day.

After breakfast campers started taking last-minute shots to help them remember this weekend.
Then there was the always mandatory group shot.
First on the schedule for the morning was seeing the last of the reports on the visit to Angkor Wat.
Each group chose a representative to report on their trip the day before.
After the morning break there was another game asking pairs of campers to respond quickly to commands.
A final game required each team to put as many balloons as possible inside a plastic rain poncho. Here one of the team counts the balloons as they are popped with a toothpick.


After the game there were several hundred popped balloons on the floor so the sweepers got busy while others prepared for lunch.
While the sweeping was going on, others were disassembling the structures made in the game yesterday in order to recycle the plastic straws.
Then there was a final lunch and the camp leadership team took on the responsibility of washing the dishes for the last time.

[The End]