Deaf Youth Camp: Friday

About 45 campers and 10 DDP staff gathered at the DDP office early Friday morning for a 6:00 AM departure by bus to the Mindol Metta Karuna reflection center run by the Jesuits in Siem Reap, about 180 miles north of Phnom Penh. It took more than six hours to get there, but the group quickly ate lunch and then started their program.

Participants listening to the rules of the camp and setting expectations for the three days together.
Narith was the head of the youth camp project and he led the discussion about the goals and objectives to be accomplished.
The camp leadership team were introduced. It was a deaf team with two hearing advisors.
Each of the six groups was asked to choose an animal name. Can you guess that this group chose the Chicken (very appropriate for the new Lunar New Year of the Chicken.)
One of the first exercises was a human sculpture activity to get the team used to working together.
After supper the participants gathered to get instructions for the night’s activity: a scavenger hunt in the tourist-crowded night market of Siem Reap.
Each of the teams traveled to the night market independently, by tuk-tuk.  At the market they had to locate and take a photo of themselves at designated locations.