DDP Youth Camp 2017

One of the worst aspects of deafness is isolation: being ignored or marginalized in your own family or even being excluded from schools and other activities and events that are part of everyday society.  Bringing deaf people together to meet and enjoy each other and their communication and camaraderie is one reason that DDP wanted to set up a youth camp.  Another reason was to identify and encourage deaf people who might be good future leaders.

The Quebec Foreign Mission Society made all this possible, first of all by assigning Miguel Granados to work with us as an activities coordinator and then by giving us a generous grant to support our youth camp endeavor.  It took a year of planning but finally we were able to stage the first camp at the Jesuit’s Mindol Metta Karuna center in Siem Reap.

Click on the links below to see what happened each day. [The first link will be active tomorrow (Monday).  It’s 10:24 PM Sunday night and I just got home from the camp and haven’t had time to put together the first page.]

Deaf Youth Camp

  • Friday / 3 February
  • Saturday / 4 February
  • Sunday / 5 February