DDP Staff Retreat — Wednesday

Today was the first full day of our retreat gathering.  In the morning we had project updates from DDP’s six projects and from the two centers in Kampong Cham and Kampot.  In the afternoon we had strategic planning and the child protection policy explanation.  We moved the child protection from tomorrow to today so that we would have more time free tomorrow afternoon.  After supper there was no organized activity and many of the staff walked into town.

Bolika (blue top) explained the child protection policy in force at DDP while Maly interpreted into Cambodian Sign Language.
Soeun (R), the DDP program manager, introduced the reports from each of the projects and centers.
At the break some of the staff sign language interpreters enjoyed Khmer-style sweets and various fruits.
Tay Vannarith, our social worker, gave a report for the Social Work Project.
Solydem, the center manager in Kampong Cham Province, gave a report on activities in her area.
In the afternoon we had a strategic planning activity to get input from the staff. Here one group gets an explanation of a SWOT exercise.
The feedback from the small groups was posted on the walls and then the groups moved from one paper to the next and at each the major points of the input were explained.
At the break time, more photos were taken.  The hill below the center used to be much more scenic but now the forested hillside has been cleared for new housing developments.
At the end of supper, before people dispersed, Lika made some announcements about schedule changes for tomorrow.
While some staff walked into Sihanoukville—many of them were unfamiliar with this coastal city, others stayed behind just to talk and be with their friends.