DDP Staff Retreat — Thursday

This second full day of the DDP staff retreat was spent half at the center and half at the beach.  We crammed a lot of talking into the morning so that we would have more time at the beach in the afternoon.

Prak Soeun, program manager, led much of the morning session, speaking about fraud detection, being a good employee, and staff evaluation.
At the break time many various groups wanted their photos taken with the backdrop identifying our time together in Kampong Som.
The staff worked in the same groups through most of the time together, whether in the meeting room or at the sink washing dishes, and as one of their final group activities, they prepared an evaluation of this time together.
The final activity of the morning was the presentation of certificates and pins indicating years of service with DDP. Here some of the staff attach their pins.
Then certificates were given out to forty-five staff who have worked for DDP more than five years.
Heang Samath has been with DDP ever since it started in 1997. After receiving his certificate he related how he met Charlie Dittmeier at the old Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization back then.
In the afternoon it was off to another of Kampong Som’s beaches where the first activity involved blowing up many balloons and filling up a rain poncho with them.
Then it was time for MORE selfies.
Then the groups feasted on big bags of boiled shrimp and various fruits.
Finally we were back at the Catholic center and night was falling as we gathered for the final supper together.