DDP Staff Retreat — Friday

Today we just ate breakfast at the center in Sihanoukville and then headed out.  We stopped at the Sihanoukville Market, though, so many of the staff could buy crabs to take home to their families.  Then it was just a long bus ride back to Phnom Penh.

This breakfast was our last meal together at the Catholic center in Sihanoukville.
The Kampot team had their own van because they were traveling west to get home while Kampong Cham and Phnom Penh were traveling north.
Before I left, I went to see Fr. Sun, the priest at the St. Michael Parish which is part of the Catholic center grounds. He is a great guy and I was happy he and Russ Brine could meet.
The bus back to Phnom Penh had both the Phnom Penh team and the Kampong Cham team traveling together.
Before we got out of Sihanoukville we HAD to stop at the main market to buy crabs for staff to take home to their families. Our accountant, though, decided to buy some honeycomb instead.
Then we got on the road and after a couple hours stopped for a break where they had this dried fruit for sale.
These also had fresh fruits at the rest stop. I have no idea what this one is called.
Another couple hours on National Road 4 and it was time to stop for lunch.
We finally got to the outskirts of Phnom Penh and got waved over by the police who made up some crazy story about vehicles with a combination of numbers on our license plate couldn’t enter the city. They wouldn’t let us go until the driver called his company and then paid the extortion to the police.
From there it was a full hour to DDP but finally we arrived and started unloading.  The sealed foam boxes are full of crabs!