DDP Graduation in Phnom Penh

DDP has classrooms in its Education Project in Phnom Penh and two provinces so every year we have graduations in all three places.   In Phnom Penh we had only seven students graduating from Year 2 but they are a wonderful group.

It is very important for DDP to maintain good relations with the authorities so that they know us and support our work in their jurisdictions. For this ceremony we invited the commune chief and his assistant and the head of the police in our area.
The high point of the ceremony is the presentation of the certificates. Children growing up in Cambodia receive very little affirmation and congratulation from society, and that is especially true for deaf youth.
A group photo with the students and their parents, our invited officials, and the Education Project staff.
We make a strong effort to get the parents of the deaf students to come to ceremonies such as this. Too often the deaf child is seen as a burden or a problem and so it is good to be able to celebrate what they have accomplished at DDP.