DDP Annual Staff Meeting–4

Today, because of the afternoon rains every day, we rearranged our schedule so we could take the staff to the beach at Kep in the morning. It was a low-key day that was quite enjoyable.

Kep is a small seaside town that has not yet been overdeveloped for the tourists although it is on the endangered list. It is known for its seafood, especially its crabs, as this seafront statue would illustrate.
After eating lunch, various groups of the staff headed off in different directions for shopping, swimming, taking a boat out to an island, or just relaxing in the hammocks.
I went in a tuk-tuk with a group interested in the Kep Market. Their first stop were the stalls selling dried shrimp and squid.
Others perused the trinkets, either for souvenirs or for small gifts for their children and families.
The Kep-Kampot area is known for its pepper, and large bags of red, white, and black peppers were on display.
Many different sizes and kinds of grilled fish were available, too–and some chicken.
Out on the pier, large floating cribs of live crabs were available by the kilogram.
The last stop in the market for our group was a stall selling a type of grilled coconut snack. Here one of the deaf staff negotiates for a bundle of the treat.
As we made our way back to the hammock center, our group persuaded the tuk-tuk driver to make a stop for some seashore selfies and photos.