DDP Annual Staff Meeting–3

Today was our second full day of activities at the Shalom Valley center near Kep.

At Shalom Valley center, there is one big hall that is used for everything. In the background (above) is the stage and the seating arrangement for our day time activities. At meal time, another section of the same hall is set with tables for eating.
Another group of staff at dinner. We keep encouraging the hearing and deaf staff to join together to promote greater harmony and inclusion within DDP, but generally at times like meals most tables are all hearing or all deaf.
This table has two deaf people and two hearing people.
Another color-based photo after breakfast, this time all those who happened to be wearing a shade of red.
We had a schedule change today and moved an awards ceremony to the morning. These women staff dressed up to receive certificates for five, ten, or fifteen years of service at DDP.
The reason for changing the schedule was so the staff could go to the beach and waterfront area of Kep in the morning. It had been planned for the afternoon but every afternoon this week has had heavy rains. Because of the rains our bus driver moved the bus about a kilometer from the center so he would not have to traverse sections of the road even worse than this, and all the staff had to walk to the bus.
Shalom Valley center is 4.5 miles from Kep. The road to town runs parallel to the sea where at one point a group of fishing boats tie up each day.
A major attraction for Cambodian people is to relax in a hammock in little shelters along the beach while the foreigners prefer to get in the sand and surf.
At noon a lunch prepared by the Shalom Valley kitchen was delivered to the beach at Kep.