DDP Annual Staff Meeting–2

5 November 2019

Today was a full day of reports and exercises for developing the spirit and understanding of the DDP staff.

Picture taking started early in the morning, before breakfast. The only occasion for the photo was that all were wearing black!
The first project report was by the Education Project.
The Education Project staff posed for a photo afterwards
Vandeth, our IT man, also serves as photographer for our gatherings
such as this annual retreat.
Then Siha gave a report on the Social Work Project. An innovation this year was all the projects using poster paper for their reports rather than PowerPoint. It turned out well.
The Sign Language Project made their report right before lunch.
The Shalom Valley hall has plenty of wall space so we displayed all the posters used in the reports.
Sokly, our director, gave the last presentation of the day about deaf awareness.
Today we had a longer break at the end of the day and our crew started exploring, finding the playing field on the opposite side of the road.
Some of the guys discovered a volleyball court–somewhat overgrown but usable–and they started getting the net set up.